Is the Allowrie honey brand being used to ‘dump’ honey?

No. The Allowrie honey brand is simply a price driven alternative that is in demand by consumers seeking value. The honey used in Allowrie products is a high-quality honey that has been supplied by audited and accredited Australian and international suppliers.

The company engages world class independently accredited laboratories to undertake testing on raw honey, imported honey and finished goods. We test for over 65 different antibiotics and undertake specific analyses of both C3 and C4 sugars, to ensure the honey is not adulterated in any form with foreign syrups. We ensure there is no high fructose corn syrup / agave / rice / cane sugar / other sugar-based syrups / glucose or any other additives in Allowrie honey.

To ensure the highest level of confidence in testing we only work with world renowned German Laboratories, proficient in the testing of honey. If we find a questionable result, we then test for the presence of specific syrups, such as Rice Syrup Trace Marker. Additionally, we can also test for foreign alpha amylase and other enzymes used as masking agents, as well as caramel colour and foreign proteins.

All international honey is screened prior to purchase, which means it is tested offshore as well as when it lands in Australia, to ensure quality and safety.

We have the highest certifications for safety, which are maintained thanks to modern production facilities, highly experienced and long serving staff and a state-of-the-art honey laboratory – the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.