Which tests do Allowrie undertake to guarantee that the honey is not adulterated?

The most common global industry adulteration test method is C4 sugars (sugar cane and high fructose corn syrup). This is also the test that is used by Australian Biosecurity for the import inspection of goods.

Allowrie also utilises the C3 sugars test which can identify rice syrup adulteration. We do not currently use the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test as the sample database that the test relies on cannot guarantee the authenticity of two compliant NMR honeys from different origins once blended. NMR is not internationally recognised as an approved method, and is not used by international regulatory authorities, including Australia, the UK and the EU to test and enforce adulteration in honey. Read more about NMR here

The combination of these tests ensures that Allowrie contains only 100% pure honey.