Our Sourcing

Our product range is a blend of Australian and quality imported honey from internationally accredited suppliers. Our Australian honey is from some of the best beekeepers in Australia.
By blending quality imported honey with Australian honey ensures we have a product that suits budget-conscious consumers who still want to enjoy a quality honey.
We have built strong relationships with accredited suppliers in Argentina (over 15 years), Brazil (over 1 year) and China (over 10 years).
The current mixed blossom Allowrie products are a blend of Australian and quality Chinese-sourced honey only. We have only two long-standing Chinese-based suppliers who are both BRC-accredited (a widely accepted global standard for food safety).
We have a specialist team who visit our accredited international suppliers to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. We also thoroughly test every batch of their honey to ensure it meets the highest international standards and contains only 100% pure honey.