Quality Assurance

We are committed to packing the highest quality honey for our consumers. This all starts from the earliest stages of production, ensuring the honey in each pack of Allowrie honey remains a safe and enjoyable food for our consumers.

All beekeepers we source our honey from must meet strict quality requirements. In addition, all international suppliers are stringently assessed through our Approved Supplier Program. This includes ongoing quality inspections and audits by us and also by international third-party regulatory organisations.

Using the most highly regarded laboratory in the world, Intertek in Germany, we currently test every batch of our imported honey prior to accepting the material on-site. We perform the internationally recognised C3 and C4 tests to ensure authenticity and no adulteration to the honey.

We have never failed these tests. We are also subject to Federal Government Biosecurity testing for adulteration, in which we have also never failed.

We do not currently use the NMR test as the sample database that the test relies on cannot guarantee the authenticity of two compliant NMR honeys from different origins once blended.

NMR is not internationally recognised as an approved method, and is not used by international regulatory authorities, including Australia, the UK and the EU to test and enforce adulteration in honey.

Due to our rigorous quality and testing standards, we confidently guarantee that Allowrie is only 100% pure honey.